Professional 1-on-1 Performance Coaching

  • Who?

    Business Executives, Entrepreneurs, Aspiring Leaders, Doctors, Attorneys, Professional Coaches, Co-founders, Salespeople, and others.

  • What?

    Get unstuck. Quiet the negative voices in your head that are telling you how mediocre you are and that you're incapable of living the life you want to live and having the business you've dreamed of building.

  • Your Destination

    Theophan will pinpoint where you are, help you get clear on where you want to be, and through dynamic coaching, walk with you on the journey of living your best life.

Business Consulting and Strategy

  • Get Paid

    Stop underselling your company's product or service and start getting paid what you're worth. Your clients and customers will believe your offering is worth paying a premium for and will never ask you to lower your prices.

  • Who You Serve

    Get clear on your defined client niche and know exactly who you serve best. Learn who your best customers are, what they want and need, and how to create marketing that is highly effective at bringing in new customers.

  • Grow and Thrive

    Build a profitable, thriving business that will continue operating at 100% without having to work long hours. Learn to be comfortable delegating tasks that don't require your expertise and how to get your company to operate effectively without you.

Initial Consultation

Schedule an initial consultation with Theophan

Schedule an initial consultation with Theophan to find out if coaching is right for you. The initial consultation will be done over video conference and will last about an hour. During your consultation Theophan will do a deep dive with you to determine whether or not this is a good time for you to begin coaching and if so, what to expect from engaging in coaching with him.
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Initial Consultation

Theophan McKenzie

Professional Coach | Business Strategist

Theophan has been working as a professional coach in private practice since 2006. The majority of the work he's done has been through 1-on-1 coaching and has had an impact on hundreds, if not thousands of lives. He believes the world needs coaching and is an advocate for living life to the fullest in happiness and health. He's the kind of person that walks the talk. Waking up at 5:00 a.m. most mornings, he keeps his morning routine which consists of prayer, affirmations, and stretching. Starting the day with self care is grounding and sets him up for success. He gets out of his comfort zone on a regular basis through public speaking engagements, and also enjoys skydiving, earning a solo license in 2018.
Theophan McKenzie