Learn The Formula For Building A FULL Coaching Practice

Bring On New Clients Fast

  • Change Lives

    Start making your impact on the world. Keep your practice filled with clients who need your help. Done coaching someone? Bring on another client quickly and easily!

  • Get Paying Clients

    Get paid what you're worth, become a SIX-FIGURE coach. Learn how to comfortably talk about money with your new clients so you can earn enough to be a full-time coach.

  • Have Better Conversations

    Learn how to ask questions the right way and establish DEEP connections with your new clients. Earn trust and build rapport quickly so your clients look forward to every session.


  • Theophan McKenzie

    S3 Creator

    Theophan McKenzie

    Theophan has been working as a professional coach in private practice since 2006. The majority of the work he's done has been through 1-on-1 coaching and has had an impact on hundreds, if not thousands of lives. He believes the world needs coaching and is an advocate for living life to the fullest in happiness and health. He's the kind of person that walks the talk. Waking up at 5:00 a.m. most mornings, he keeps his morning routine which consists of prayer, affirmations, and stretching. Starting the day with self care is grounding and sets him up for success. He gets out of his comfort zone on a regular basis through public speaking engagements, and also enjoys skydiving, earning a solo license in 2018.

3 Parts of S3 for Coaches

  • Part 1

    Live group training with Coach Theophan to get clear on your niche, learn how to book more initial consultations, and learn how to be successful with your coaching practice.

  • Part 2

    Six module video training where you will learn how to craft the conversation with the prospective coaching client in such a way that you are able to enroll those who are a good fit.

  • Part 3

    Practice what you've learned with fellow S3 students that have been through the training. There's a big difference between theory and practice.