Learn The Formula For Building A FULL Coaching Practice

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  • Change Lives

    Start making your impact on the world. Keep your practice filled with clients who need your help. Done coaching someone? Bring on another client quickly and easily!

  • Get Paying Clients

    Get paid what you're worth, become a SIX-FIGURE coach. Learn how to comfortably talk about money with your new clients so you can earn enough to be a full-time coach.

  • Have Better Conversations

    Learn how to ask questions the right way and establish DEEP connections with your new clients. Earn trust and build rapport quickly so your clients look forward to every session.

Bonus Coaching Material

Learn Coaching Best Practices From A Six-Figure Coach

  • Niching Down

    Learn how to identify your target market clearly and find your ideal clients. Who is it you serve? Try to serve everyone, and you'll wind up serving no one.

  • Initial Consultations

    Learn how to network, do coffee meetings, follow the three-step invite process, get paid consultations, and make sure your prospective clients show up.

  • Tools Every Coach Needs

    Get ALL of the tools, templates, and processes Theophan uses in his own practice. Billing, payment processing, agreements, scheduling, CRM, video conferencing... everything!

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